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  • We offer several productive courses.
  • We also offer public speaking courses.
  • We offer the best personal and self development courses.
  • Kids can learn innovative skills such as Vedic maths for class1 to Vedic maths for class 10th.

There are __ number of classes in a week. This is made keeping the workload of the student in mind.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How long the session is ?

    Each session is __ minutes long. This time limit makes it perfect for our fun learning activities for kids making it optimum.

  • We offer virtual sessions using several innovative pedagogy such as fun learning activities for kids, intra class competitions included and teaching through powerpoint presentations. We offer several productive online courses.

  • Absolutely yes. This has been one aspect where school of life is very strict with itself. We promise very low batch size. All the classes have a strength of no more than __.

  • Classes are conducted over an online platform of zoom as of now. But soon we also aim to establish our offline presence.